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Hi, I'm Ken Lebowitz. I've been training dogs since 2015. I am trained in areas including dog training, dog nutrition, behavior modification and aggression in dogs. 

You may not know this, but dog owners need just as much training as their four-legged companions. I mean, you are the parent in this scenario after all! Training your dog is not necessarily EASY. It does require time and effort. But that doesn't mean it can't be made simple. That's one thing my clients love about me; I keep it simple so you can be successful.

Once you learn my simple techniques, you can not only have a better life with the dog you currently have, but any dog you may live with later. Knowledge is power and I'm here to give you that knowledge.

Any dog, Any size, any problem.

Are you having any of these problems? We can help you with all of this and more.

  • Jumping

  • Mouthing

  • Counter Surfing

  • Excessive Barking

  • Crowding in front of doors

  • Running through doorways

  • Kennel Training

  • Not listening to commands or coming when called (recall)

  • Pulling on a leash

  • Barking and/or lunging towards other dogs, people, or vehicles while on leash

  • Socialization

  • Dog on Dog Aggression

  • Fear Issues

  • Confidence Building

  • Resource Guarding

  • Human Aggression

  • Off Leash Reliability 

Dog Training

Candace Taylor

My 5 mo old Loki was trained by Tarah. She is very professional and extremely friendly. I so enjoyed get coming to our home to help me with my GSD puppy. Her knowledge of dogs in general was apparent. Heart of Dixies owner Ken is a very great personal trainer as well. If any body is looking for some of the best. Look no farther. Heart of Dixie Dog Training is the best and very reasonably priced. Best trainers any where.

Judy Blackmon

We took our 8 month old German Shepard, Denver, to Ken for private lessons to learn basic obedience training.  Ken done an awesome job with him, and also with training us on how to continue training Denver so he want lose what be had learned from him.  I now know what to do in order to keep  up everything that is needed to have a well trained obedient dog. We have just completed our training, and Denver is doing great! Thanks Ken and for the Awesome training!

Melanie Howell

I reached out to Ken because I was concerned about my middle-aged, large dogs acclimating to the changing dynamic of my household with an on-the-go toddler. Ken's training methods are effective and efficient--I see a significant difference in just a few weeks. My dogs are calmer, have learned a set of commands, and there is harmony in the household!  My especially anxious dog, Opie, is more playful and confident. I look forward to working with Ken again in the future for intermediate-level training. My dogs have come a long way, and the command exercises have been a great way to connect and bond with my dogs. I feel empowered with a set of lessons that I can practice and perfect with my dogs as we graduate to the next level! Thank you, Ken and Heart of Dixie Dog Training!

Gina Esparza

Ken has been absolutely amazing to work with. I have 4 pitbulls that started showing signs of aggression. After a few huge altercation, I reached out to Ken desperately seeking help with dog aggression. He jumped in and immediately came to the house and helped us with the situation. He agreed to board and train two of them and left us with all the tools and knowledge to train the other two. We now have peace and harmony back in our house. All 4 dogs are very well behaved and constantly learning better behaviors thanks to Ken!! He is great at what he does, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend Heart of Dixie Dog training!!

Mel Bell

We had the best experience learning to train our new puppy. After 13 years with our only other dog, we had forgotten how important training would be. We also forgot the beginning steps to help our pup. Heart of Dixie was amazing with teaching our family the correct steps to incorporate training into our daily lives. Ken was flexible and adaptable to our family. He helped our children and the adults learn the beginning steps to puppy training.


We started with a baby crying, acting out, and unsure of which name was hers. Today, we have an effective recall command, sit, place, eating schedule, crating with confidence and so much more. The list grows with my pup’s maturity. Most importantly, I have a family confident in using commands in a positive and effective manner. Our dogs (senior dog and puppy) have bonded and we have less chaos in our home.


We would highly recommend Heart of Dixie training!!!!