Ken Lebowitz

Owner / Trainer

Ken Lebowtz owner of Heart of Dixie Dog Training with one of his dogs, Daisy, a Belgian Malinois
Obedience trainer course certificate
Dog Emotion and Cognition course certificate
Ken Lebowitz - AggressionMasterCourse202

Ken Lebowitz is the owner/trainer of Heart of Dixie Dog Training, LLC. He's been professionally training dogs since 2015. Heart of Dixie Dog Training, LLC opened for business in July 2016 after Ken retired from his career in the United States Army.

Ken graduated from the Obedience Trainer Course at Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC and has knowledge in the following areas:


  • canine healthcare

  • canine nutrition

  • canine behavior modification

  • canine training techniques ​​

Ken has also completed the following courses:

  • Dog Emotion and Cognition

  • Master Course - Aggression in Dogs