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I can't get my puppy potty trained! Heart Of Dixie Dog Training is here to help!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Are you having the worst time trying to potty train your new puppy or a new dog that you may have rescued. Well in this Heart Of Dixie Dog Training blog post. We'll be going over the steps in which to get your new member of the household potty trained.

Reasons why you might be having a difficult time potty training

Potty training can be down right frustrating and its not really a popular necessity that you have to get accomplished if your going to live relatively mess free in your home with your dog. Let's face it every now and then your dog is going to have an accident but if you don't train your dog to relieve itself outside. Then you're going to be very busy constantly cleaning up messes. The number one reason why an untrained dog or even a trained dog has an accident in the house is because we as owners. Wait to long to let the dog outside to use the bathroom.

Another would be while keeping a puppy/dog in a crate we provide to much room for the dog to make a mess in the crate. When you keep a puppy in a crate. The crate should be large enough for the puppy to stand up, turn around without hitting the sides of the crate, and can lay down. Any extra room is just allowing them to not have to hold their waste and have an accident. A lot of newer crates come with a divider so that way you can buy the size of crate required for when they are adults and then as they grow you can make the crate larger.

Lastly, another big reason why your puppy makes a mess in the house is because they only get half the job done when taken outside. This is due to allowing the puppy to have to much freedom while outside. This causes the puppy to become distracted and he/she forgets to finish what they are supposed to be doing. By not having them on a leash is the first problem. The second problem once they are on a leash is that you allow them to walk around the entire yard. You want to take the puppy to the same area every time you take it outside.

By taking them to the same area every time it encourages them to go because there are enzymes in the ground from the previous times it went to the bathroom. These enzymes remind the puppy that the area in which it is standing is the appropriate place to go to the bathroom. Next you want to anchor yourself in place and prevent yourself from following the puppy all over the yard. You want to give your puppy about ten to fifteen minutes to try and relieve himself. Once time has expired and he/she might have done one and not the other.

Bring the puppy inside and put them in their crate. After about 20 minutes has passed. Pull them out, put them on a leash and repeat the steps all over again. Make sure at a minimum you are verbally telling the dog as it's on track by saying "good potty"followed by petting. If you can bring treats to feed even better. You want to make it a party that they are going to the bathroom in the correct area. In conclusion, if you follow the plan you'll soon have a reliable dog that is housebroken.

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