PROGRAMs and pricing

So, you've brought home a new puppy and would like to start teaching it obedience but don't really know how. Or maybe you've adopted a new dog that is sweet, but they are pulling on the leash, barking excessively, and steals food from the counters. No worries, I've helped hundreds of dog owners just like you! My life changing training programs will help you get control over your dog's problem behavior so that you can enjoy their company more and trust them more.

Won't it be nice when you can finally answer your door without your dog getting in the way and be able to have company over again that has stopped coming over because your dog's jumping problem has been fixed. Won't be amazing to be able to enjoy walking your dog again without feeling like your arm is getting pulled out of your socket or deal with back pain?

If you can agree to any of what I just said, then this is how we get you to that point!

First, we need to do an evaluation session with you and your dog, to address the foundations and behavioral issues. During the evaluation we will also address your desired goals as to whether they are achievable. Then if they, are we will develop a specialized training plan based on the assessment of your dog and the goals you are trying to achieve. Lastly, during the evaluation session a price quote will be given for the cost of training. Not every dog has the same training needs and so it's not fair to say that all dogs training is priced the same. Some dogs need more or less than another dog when it comes to training. Some dogs come in with some prior training and therefore less time is needed with them to get the owner the results they want from their dog. Below is the list of my programs that are offered that will get you to that "Won't it be nice" level you want with your dog.


We can help you, and your dog will have long lasting results without having to spend years to achieve them. We can get you to most of your goals with your dog in under 45 days. We've done it with hundreds of dogs in south Alabama and even in the Florida Panhandle. Just see our many reviews on Google, our Facebook page, and here in our testimonials section. 

Private Lessons

Do you want to train your dog on your own? Do you feel like you need one on one professional help in order to achieve your dog's goals? Then this program is the right fit for you.

In this program you'll work one-on-one with the trainer and your dog for an hour. Lessons are scheduled depending on whether or not the trainer feels you and your dog are ready for the next lesson.


We are about quality not quantity. We want to make sure that you and your dog are forming a tighter bond and feeling good working as a team.


As a general rule of thumb most owners and their dog's start to see results within 30 to 45 days.

Behavior Modification

Do you have a dog that displays aggressive behavior, acts fearful, or lacks confidence.


Do you feel like your running out of options or that you've tried everything but nothing works?


Let us help you develop a program and privately help rehabilitate your dog.


We'll give you the knowledge and tools to fix or manage your dog's problems. See below for more information on this program.

This program is similar to private lessons in the fact that you will work with the trainer and with your dog at home. There is no reason for a trainer to keep your dog and cause it to be more stressed when it is already suffering from behavioral issues

This program is designed specifically around your dog's problems and so just like with private lessons. It's about quality not quantity of lessons.


A lot of the dogs that come into this program can be worked with for several months at a time. Program specifics can be discussed during the evaluation.


Is your dog already trained but you're experieincing some behavioral problems in the home or in public that you need fixed?


Sometimes you need the perspective from a professional from outside of your home in order to fix the problem. Let us meet with you and focus on fixing those unwanted behaviors.


We can either come to your home or you can bring your dog to us depending on what kind of problems are occuring.

Some issues cannot be replicated outside of the home. After follow-up consult will be scheduled to check on progress since the initial consult free of charge. 

**A determination on price cannot be made until the dog has been evaluated by the trainer during your dog's scheduled evaluation prior to the start of training.