Programs & Pricing

Results Driven Training

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Training Evaluation

This evaluation allows the trainer to meet with you and to see your dog in person for the time before training occurs. This allows the trainer to see how much your dog already knows and what it still needs to learn. From there the trainer sits down with you and creates an individual training plan for you and your dog. These evaluations are typically around an hour in length sometimes shorter.

Free Evaluation if conducted at Heart of Dixie Dog Training

$25 per hour if conducted at your home

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In-Person Training

In-Person training is obedience training in a one-on-one setting for an hour per week. During these lessons the individual training plan that was created during the training evaluation is implemented. The trainer will demonstrate how to teach your dog whatever command is being worked on, allow you to practice and ask questions. Then after the lesson you will practice on your own at home with your dog between lessons. Our training uses positive reinforcement based methods to train dogs. The most common items used to train are food, toys, pet, and praise.

Commands taught for beginner obedience:

  • Come (Recall) from up to 6ft

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Place

  • Intro to loose leash walking

  • Off

  • Behavioral Marker Words (Good, Yes, No, Free)

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Board and Train

Don't have the time to work with your dog in-between private lessons training. Then let us keep your dog and do all the heavy lifting for you. All the while keep you up to date with updates and videos of your dog's progress through training. You're dog will train daily with our trainer several times a day during the week during business hours. Even on the days we're not open we still keep your dog engaged and entertained with walks or playing with our dogs. If you live local to our location the trainer will schedule to have you come by for a quick private lesson with your dog. If your not local don't worry we will have an in-depth go home lesson and a few private lessons after the go home., To help you stay on track with practicing with your dog long after they come home from training.

During our board and train program your dog will learn all of the basic obedience commands if it has never had any prior training. Your dog it worked with several times a day for about 5-10 minutes per lesson and also provided a chance to play with other dogs and also go on walks when not actively training. Dogs in training do stay in kennels or crates during their stay. If they are not able to be actively supervised or I am working with another dog. Then your dog will be secure in a kennel or crate for their safety. Being able to get your dog into public to work on obedience in higher distracting environments depends on how long they are going to be in a board and train program. A 2 week program is not usually enough time to try and get your dog out into public. A 3 week board and train program at a minimum is suggested. 

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Behavior Consultation

Is your dog good with obedience commands but you are still having issues with them. Such as stealing food, digging, excessive barking, nipping, jumping and the list goes on. Perhaps there is a certain issue going on between multiple dogs in the household that you can't quite figure out and you need a professional to help give you guidance and help you troubleshoot the problem. Providing you with solutions so that you can have balance in your household again. Then this consultation is what you are looking for.  

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Behavior Modification 

Let's face it sometimes a dog needs more help than others in life. Having just obedience training alone sometimes doesn't fix what is going on with our dog. This is way behavior modification training is important in addition to obedience training in order to get a dog back on the right path. We use under threshold positive reinforcement based methods like counter-conditioning, desensitization, Differential Reinforcement of “Other” Behavior (DRO), Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), or Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) methods in order to help change the dog's behavior.

Any dog attending training for any program must be up to date on all  core vaccines E.g. Rabies, DHPP which normally includes (Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, Canine Hepatitis). For dogs that will be attending a board and train program a Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine IS REQUIRED prior to the start of training. Please plan ahead if your dog needs a Bordetella vaccine because sometimes it is given initially and then again 3 weeks after the initial. 


Also highly encouraged for board and train since my location is rural. Consider having your dog vaccinated for Leptospirosis (this illness can be spread from the urine of wildlife and is zoonotic meaning it can be transmitted from dog to human). If you are needing to get your dog a DHPP to be up-to-date. Then ask your veterinarian to give your dog the DHPP w/ Lepto vs. just a DHPP vaccine. A copy of your dog's up-to-date vaccine record needs to be provided prior to the first lesson or prior to drop-off for board and train.