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We’re here to help you navigate through the many challenges of having a pet. From impulse control and basic obedience commands to serious problems like aggression, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t believe us? Check out what our previous clients are saying about us below.

Happy Dog

Monica Brian

Ken is an excellent trainer that goes above and beyond to ensure you and your dog are getting the training and education to correct the issues that you are having whether it be basic obedience, behavioral issues, or aggressive issues. We were having aggressive issues with our 2-1/2 year German Shepherd and needed to figure out what to do. Ken took so much time with us and helped us figure how to manage Ryder's aggression. Ryder is doing a lot better and we understand so much more now about the type of dog Ryder is thanks to Ken. I have a lot respect for Ken and the work he does.

Brittney Morphew

I absolutely recommend Heart of Dixie Dog Training. My dog Gohan recently finished his last session with Tarah. All I have to say are good things! She’s absolutely amazing and helped me and Gohan so much. Gohan didn’t listen and was scared of strangers and dogs, now he’s a confident dog that can walk past strangers and dogs without a problem! This is only one of many things we’ve accomplished in our training sessions. Not only does the training occur, it’s the stronger bond you and your dog create after every accomplishment.

Sandra Reynolds

I definitely recommend Heart of Dixie Dog training.  Ken worked on basic obedience training with our 7 month old GSD, Jax. The entire span of our training was awesome! Ken is very knowledgeable and helped us as owners to be able to continue his training at home. Thanks Ken!!!!

Kathy Plowden Smith

Ken has the experience and patience needed in training pets and owners to communicate effectively with each other. We have had a great experience with Scout just learning the basics of obedience. Ken makes it fun & interesting!

Tyler Wilson

We had a great experience with Ken training our German Shepherd. Very knowledgeable and we’ve seen great results with Jagger’s obedience. Ken is easy to work with and is a great guy. I highly recommend Ken if you need any kind of training for your pup!!!

Savannah Szabo Youmans

Dog ownership is such a rewarding, exciting, and special experience ... but without the proper training and time, it can also be very stressful and overwhelming. This is where Ken shines; with his expert advice and intervention, his business Heart of Dixie Dog Training can help you improve and nurture that special bond you have with your dog/dogs. I have a 3 year old black German Shepherd named Nova. She is my pride and joy! But a couple years ago, I was feeling so helpless - like I was failing her. She was hyper; she was wayyyy too smart for her own britches; she was out of control. I wanted to work on basic commands and training, but I had young children to take care of as well, so that fell to the wayside. Luckily, I was referred to Ken and I enrolled in the group classes he taught in Enterprise at the time. Once a week, we would get together with our pups and put in the work. Ken taught me how to create that trusting connection with Nova, sensing her needs and behaviors, and vice versa. We quickly mastered “Place,” “Down,” “Stay,” “Come,” as well as no pulling on the leash and other helpful commands. With the help of HOD Dog Training, we built a great foundation from the ground up, using positive reinforcement and certain commands that would ensure I, the owner, was the leader and she was the follower. Now, I really feel like we have laid the groundwork and could accomplish anything. I plan to work with Ken and Heart of Dixie Dog Training in the near future to work on calling her back off-leash, “Leave it,” and other more advanced commands.

Dalmatian Dog

Jen Wilson

We had an amazing experience with Ken! We are first time GSD owners and knew that bc of our dog Jagger’s high energy, and him being a working breed, we would need to be very intentional with his training. We saw results after our very first session, and continued to see amazing results throughout our time with Ken. Ken taught us skills to use that will benefit us and Jagger even after his training was “done”. He is extremely kind and knowledgeable and I HIGHLY recommend him!! Thank you Ken!!!

Shelby Carnley

We had such awesome training results with our Waylon that we decided to get another German Shepherd!! I highly recommend him not only was our dog learning from him we did as well!!

Shelley Atkinson

I brought my rescue, Trixie, to Heart of Dixie for basic obedience private lessons. She had just shown up at my door and I wasn't prepared for home training. Ken made sure that I understood what to do at home and how to do it correctly. I am happy with the results and Trixie learned quickly.

Kaitlan Crosby Stacks

I highly recommend Ken! He worked with my husband and me with our two girls (pocket bullies). He had to train us more so than he did the dogs 🤣. He is extremely thorough and educated. He explained the whys, hows, whens, and wheres. Now we understand how our pups process the  commands that we were/are teaching. Maple and Little Momma already had such a pleasing attitude, but since they've been through the training they come to us ready to listen. We all still have some work to do but the biggest thing is now we have the tools to continue training and all grow even more. Thanks Ken for all the advice and knowledge.

Mikaela Hoffman

Highly recommended! My rambunctious pit bull and I did his training program and it worked wonders on her and me as the dog mom. He did solo training with Kena and hands on training with the both of us together. Which was a great idea so I would actually know what to keep doing in the future. He was always patient with us as we were both learners and we ended up leaving on the same page! Very knowledgeable in his field, we had a great experience!

Tarah Donnelly

I can't recommend Heart of Dixie Dog Training enough! I picked the five lesson package with my new dog to make sure I was starting my new dog off on the right foot. Ken said he usually has a set plan for the 5 sessions but was very able to tailor his approach to assist with my prior experience and the time I could afford to spend with my dog each day. I would say that whether you are a beginner or have considerable experience this trainer is for you! Some trainers are quick to use tools without teaching the dog or the owner the correct way and Ken's approach was always in the dog's best interest.The sessions were fun and worked well with what I was working on with my dog daily in my home. The lessons also tired my dog out considerably and he was definitely wiped out because I worked his brain with the training. In between training days, I took my dog on a five mile hike and he was equally as tired after a one hour training sessions with plenty of breaks! Ken's approach was directed on helping me figure out the best way to communicate my directions to my dog. I take my dog to the dog park to continue practice our training in a large, controlled environment and when other dog owners come to let their dogs play are always incredibly impressed with the way my dog responds to me off leash and on. I can have my dog respond reliably to commands 20+ feet away and when playing with other dogs which is more than I can say for most people I have seen with their dogs at the parks. I can't recommend Ken and his training style enough. We even got the opportunity to meet some of his dogs and see what my dog and I can aspire to. Thank you for all the lessons and feedback to help me on my way to having a balanced and obedient pup!

Dog Training

Candace Taylor

My 5 mo old Loki was trained by Tarah. She is very professional and extremely friendly. I so enjoyed get coming to our home to help me with my GSD puppy. Her knowledge of dogs in general was apparent. Heart of Dixies owner Ken is a very great personal trainer as well. If any body is looking for some of the best. Look no farther. Heart of Dixie Dog Training is the best and very reasonably priced. Best trainers any where.

Judy Blackmon

We took our 8 month old German Shepard, Denver, to Ken for private lessons to learn basic obedience training.  Ken done an awesome job with him, and also with training us on how to continue training Denver so he want lose what be had learned from him.  I now know what to do in order to keep  up everything that is needed to have a well trained obedient dog. We have just completed our training, and Denver is doing great! Thanks Ken and for the Awesome training!

Melanie Howell

I reached out to Ken because I was concerned about my middle-aged, large dogs acclimating to the changing dynamic of my household with an on-the-go toddler. Ken's training methods are effective and efficient--I see a significant difference in just a few weeks. My dogs are calmer, have learned a set of commands, and there is harmony in the household!  My especially anxious dog, Opie, is more playful and confident. I look forward to working with Ken again in the future for intermediate-level training. My dogs have come a long way, and the command exercises have been a great way to connect and bond with my dogs. I feel empowered with a set of lessons that I can practice and perfect with my dogs as we graduate to the next level! Thank you, Ken and Heart of Dixie Dog Training!

Gina Esparza

Ken has been absolutely amazing to work with. I have 4 pitbulls that started showing signs of aggression. After a few huge altercation, I reached out to Ken desperately seeking help with dog aggression. He jumped in and immediately came to the house and helped us with the situation. He agreed to board and train two of them and left us with all the tools and knowledge to train the other two. We now have peace and harmony back in our house. All 4 dogs are very well behaved and constantly learning better behaviors thanks to Ken!! He is great at what he does, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend Heart of Dixie Dog training!!

Mel Bell

We had the best experience learning to train our new puppy. After 13 years with our only other dog, we had forgotten how important training would be. We also forgot the beginning steps to help our pup. Heart of Dixie was amazing with teaching our family the correct steps to incorporate training into our daily lives. Ken was flexible and adaptable to our family. He helped our children and the adults learn the beginning steps to puppy training.


We started with a baby crying, acting out, and unsure of which name was hers. Today, we have an effective recall command, sit, place, eating schedule, crating with confidence and so much more. The list grows with my pup’s maturity. Most importantly, I have a family confident in using commands in a positive and effective manner. Our dogs (senior dog and puppy) have bonded and we have less chaos in our home.


We would highly recommend Heart of Dixie training!!!!

Michelle Curtis

If you’re in the Fort Rucker area your search for a dog trainer can end with Heart of Dixie. If you want to own a large breed and/or highly intelligent dog, you need a trainer to show you the proper way to gain trust, confidence, and mutual respect. I have worked with a lot of different trainers in states where we have been stationed and hands down Ken (owner of Heart of Dixie) is phenomenal. As a novice dog owner or new to training, you always want to interview trainers and see what they do with their own dogs. It speaks volumes!


Many trainers will work “miracles” with the aid of an e-collar and your dog is ready to go in 3 weeks or so. How many of those trainers have e-collars on their own dogs for every day life? What are you going to do if the batteries aren’t charged or the collar misfires? A dog needs a foundation, confidence, and be able to think on their own for dependability. An owner needs to put in the work and follow through with the training plan to hold up that foundation. Then one may want to add an e-collar for off leash reliability on hikes or very rare circumstances.


If you want a trained dog that will listen to you, go with Ken. Ken is beyond educated in his field and most importantly can read you and your dog quicker than you can say hello. I had spent 2 years doing private classes with other trainers so I’m a little more particular and experienced than most, but by no means am I professional trainer. I reached out to Ken on a Friday and the following week he was at my house doing a 3 hour consult! He gave me a few new tools I needed for my rescue German Shepherd Puppy that I did not use for my prior GSD. He boosted my confidence in my prior training and gave me homework with resources to back it up.


My husband, with no formal training experience beyond a big box puppy class 5 years ago, was able to ask endless questions to curb his frustrations. Within 6 hours of Ken leaving our house, my husband commented that our 6 months old shepherd was already walking A+ for him (compared to the average C walk they were getting). This is all with a regular collar and leash... you read that correctly... walking a rescue that we have had for 6-7 weeks with no prong, no slip, nor e-collar. They were finally on the same page together and ready to go. They still have bonding to do, but the tone has been set.


We will be utilizing Ken in the near future for check-ins (fine tuning), training with another dog present, and more advanced public settings. Please note all of this will be done while I’m approaching my third trimester of pregnancy and after with a newborn plus our other young children. Our goal is a dog that is so well behaved he can go anywhere, and in return we are committed to putting the time in. There are no excuses when it comes to training. You only need 10-15 minutes sessions with your dog a few times a day to keep you both on the same page.

Black Dog

Debra Boulay

Ken is an expert in his field and a true professional. He gave us fantastic results in short order with our dog Blue. Ken also provided a lot of information that was very helpful to us about our dog’s breed behavior. Blue completed his basic training with Ken and the experience was excellent. We highly recommend Ken to anyone who needs their dog trained in a professional and timely manner.

Jennie Wilson

I recommend anyone that needs their dog to be trained to use Heart of Dixie Dog Training.  Very professional,  to the point, explained every step, you can tell they love their animals. Ken and Tara are awesome trainers. Tara is the trainer that helped us with Abby and after only 6 lessons our Abby is controllable. I didn't think it was possible.   I like how they teach you to train your puppy/dog.... when we are ready for more Training we will definitely be using  Ken and Tara.

Missy Miller

Ken was a fantastic trainer and teacher! We have two rescues and he was able to find a method that worked for each one and then taught me how to implement the training. It was so helpful to have someone there to observe my interaction with the dogs and offer suggestions so that I could be effective. When my hound didn’t bark at the UPS truck I knew we were on the right track! I highly recommend!!

Tammy Adams

Very helpful to my dog and me! He helped me a lot to understand how my actions were impacting Charlie, my Aussiedoodle. He also shared a lot of information and tips on achieving the level of obedience we wanted in our dog. Thanks so much!

Jonathon Martin

Myself and my dog Zeus went and done 1 on 1 training at Heart of Dixie. I was nothing short of amazed at the knowledge Ken had and how much we got my hard headed stubborn bulldog to learn in such a short amount of time. He has all the proper tools and will help with any way he can. Thanks Ken. Highly recommended.

Hollie Arnett

Great training and customer service! Ken turned my newly rescued dog into a dog full of confidence and obedience! He was a different dog when I picked him up and in the best way possible. Weeks after his training he still practices his commands well and is doing great. I definitely recommend Heart of Dixie Dog Training to any and everyone!

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